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About Sound Choices Coalition (501 c 3)

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Sound Choices Coalition: Informing Society about the Realities of Polygamy and Advocating for its Victims Sound Choices Coalition (SCC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and working to end the damaging practices associated with polygamous

Why Not Polygamy?

More mouths to feed than possible.

 Why Not Polygamy?  No practice that results in such ill effects should be a “right” under the US Constitution. “The harms flowing from polygamy are too evident to ignore and too serious to allow to occur under the guise of

Polygamy Uncensored – Conversations With Kristyn Decker


Polygamy Uncensored – Conversations With Kristyn Decker, has been running for 11 months. In the last session listed below, I wind up my talk show with a review of most of the conversations with my past guests. On there are

Conversations With Kristyn Decker @ Polygamy Uncensored

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Want To Be Sister-Wives?

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“Let’s be sister-wives,” we young girl friends used to say to each other. “But what if we don’t like the same man?” We’d question. “I want to marry one of your brothers,” several of my friends would say. “But you are so

My press-release on Jay Leno’s HEADLINES! GOOGLE About Me and My Book

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WOW! Me on the JAY LENO SHOW! Someone sent an article from So. Utah to the HEADLINES. Whoever did that – Thank you! @ 11 min. 44 seconds into the show the article with my name shows up! On the

RECENT Press Release:

Kristyn Decker was born and raised in the second largest polygamist sect in the U.S. Her father, Owen Allred, was the prophet of that group for 28 years before his passing. Decker’s mother was the first of his 13 wives,

Decriminalizing Polygamy – Against Our Constitution? Is Consensual Adult Sex Good for Polygamous Children?

Decriminalizing Polygamy – Against Our Constitution? Is Consensual Adult Sex Good for Polygamous Children? Marion Munn, Ed Kociela and Kristyn Decker will discuss the ramifications of Judge Waddoup’s decision to Decriminalize Polygamy in Utah. To listen to POLYGAMY UNCENSORED live

Uncensored Fifty Years in Polygamy Available Now!


Signed copies and E-versions available here.  

Working Toward Things that Will Make a Difference

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