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UNLV to Host Discussion on Polygamy With the Brown Family of TLC’s Sister Wives

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If you can be in Las Vegas for this, please join the audience to glean from a pro and con polygamy discussion.

Sound Choices Coalition – Press Release

ST. GEORGE – Members of the Sound Choice Coalition, a grassroots organization dedicated to retaining the state’s bigamy/polygamy laws and educating and enlightening the community about the dangers of polygamy, will visit the Utah Capitol the morning of February 13th.

Troy Williams Interview 90.9 FM

Troy Williams

This is a brief, right-to-the-point, excellent interview with Troy Williams.!/

Is Polygamy a Choice or Not a Choice? Interview With Rebecca Kimbel


Polygamy, a Choice? Yea Right!


Don’t get me wrong. I’m pro-choice. If the choices are more than do it or else! Though thousands of polygamists claim; “it’s my choice to be a polygamist,” those statements are completely inaccurate according to the most recent and numerous

Sound Choices Coalition Web Page and Consent in Polygamy


Hello everyone! Please check out our new and ever progressing Webpage for Sound Choices Coalition.  I hear many people say polygamy should be decriminalized or legalized, with a few good reasons, such as pro-choice etc. I agree with real choice, however!

The Reality of Polygamy

My dream is reflective of The Reality of Polygamy–the show that should really be produced. I’m sure that’s why there were real actresses and actors in this real-to-life scenario. Mine part was “the knowing” roll. The main difference in my dream,

More Truth Comes Out

Last week on Sister Wives, Valerie Darger stated that the Browns’ live in “blissful confusion.” On this weeks’ episode it’s apparent that they also live in “blissful misinformation and naiveté.” In the opening scene Kody and Christine are talking to

The Great Plig-cation and Threats of Damnation

What madness didn’t TLC reveal about the Brown and Darger trip with 50 people? It looked like the huge polygamous families seemed to have pulled the group excursion off pretty well. I have to say that I was somewhat impressed